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Can't connect to Oracle 7. PHP installed ok, so did SQL*Net, but in PHP get Warning: Cannot connect to Oracle: TNS-12XXX: Cannot resolve service name.
l install php and oracle on winnt.but when i call ora_logon use sqlnet, it connect db for local ,not

Aug 24th, 2001 23:44
suresh kc, Chun Du, Miguel Angel Campos, Thierrry Pouplin, Onno Benschop, joe qiao, Suresh KC

use this at the top of the file 
it will solve your problem
comment out the extension=php_oci8.dll
as you are loading the library when the script is run
sample script
$connection = OCILogon ("username", "password");
$sql = "select sysdate from dual";
$cur = OCIParse($connection, $sql);
if($cur == false) {
        echo OCIError($cur)."<BR>";
$recset = OCIExecute($cur);
if($recset == false) {
        echo OCIError($cur). "<BR>";
while(OCIFetchInto($row)) {
        $today = $row[0];
        echo "The Date is ",$today, "<BR>";
OCILogoff ($connection);
Hope this helps