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Jul 6th, 2009 12:13
roma sing, http://eluhealthcare.blogspot.com/

You may think that geeks are more into Half-life than contemplative
life, more code-breaker than back-bender, but those long hours in front
of the computer wreak havoc with posture and muscles and, let's just say
it - chi. For the tension-filled desk-worker, a thorough session of Yoga
feels like Nirvana.Natural Weight Loss Pills
For, Sarah Pullman, lover of both Yoga and technology, the combination
must have been a natural one, and out of it has come her specialized
class, Yoga for Geeks. She describes Yoga for Geeks as "a marrying of
worlds - an opportunity for geeks of all stripes to unplug, unhunch and
expand. It's a reminder to take a few minutes to find some balance
between your body, your mind, and your computer". Sounds good to me! In
fact, I did do a Yoga for Geeks session with her, back at the Northern
Voice conference in the spring, and altho my body has since retreated
into its cramped little corners, at the time it felt wonderful.