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What is the time difference between clicking a link to another website and the time it takes to call that page(without actually visibly loading it)

Apr 4th, 2008 20:47
ha mo, Iván Rivera, Rajeev Tharoor,

Within the limits of a browser, any scheme you could devise to load a
page "in the background" implies rendering it, albeit in some hidden
environment (the most crossbrowser one being a 1 pixel height frame). So
the time consumed by a click on a hyperlink and an equivalent
location.href='someUrl'; is very likely to be equal.
If you are using what is called an offline browser that downloads whole
pages without displaying their contents, there will be some slight
advantage in perceived loading time, since when you click a link you
have to wait for the download and the rendering, which doesn't happen in
this case. This difference is greater for less powerful hardware, for
obvious reasons.
By the way, text-mode browsers like Lynx *are* faster than their graphic
counterparts: they don't even download the images, which are accountable
for a great percentage of the size of about any web page...