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What is a Knowledge base

Nov 21st, 2008 23:44
haytham ali, dman, Anthony Boyd, Chris Bast, http://sturly.com

A Knowledge Base is usually a database of questions and answers.  It's 
a little bit more than a FAQ, if you're familiar with that term -- 
are usually just text-based lists of questions and answers about a 
topic.  A Knowledge Base is usually searchable, and sometimes has 
special options to make it more useful, such as natural language 
searching, options to add searchable keywords that don't appear in the 
question or answer (but which apply), and so on.  You likely saw 
the "MySQL Knowledge Base" menu at the top of the page.  But Knowledge 
Bases are general and not MySQL specific.
Certainly, MySQL could power a Knowledge Base.  This Web site is a 
Knowledge Base of a sort.