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Basic Help for using Google Webmaster Tools

Aug 26th, 2009 03:26
mark stallon, Aquabot Us, stop spamming

After launching the website, webmaster next step is to improve the site
visibility on search engine perspective. Submitting website to major
search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing helps to crawl the website
quickly but takes more time to index all the web pages. Sometimes Google
bot fail to index few pages due to crawl errors. Problem in identifying
the reasons? Submit your website to Google webmaster tools to identify
the crawl error and to identify bot status on your website.
• Adding a Site: Multiple websites can be managed on a single account.
• Verification File: Each website should be verified to complete the
submission process. Either you can META tag code on Home Page or upload
the html file to the root directory of the website.
• Track Inbound links, Internal links and Top search queries used by the
visitors to enter the website.
• Crawl Information: Identify Crawl status, Crawl error and Broken links
details from the “Diagnostic” tab.
• Removing URL: Webmaster can remove specific pages from Google indexing
using Robots.txt file.
• Settings: Webmaster can customize the Crawler rate to increase Google
bot traffic on your website.
• Sitemap: Submitting sitemap to Google webmaster tools helps for better
stop spamming