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Web Site Content Optimization

Jan 6th, 2010 09:08
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Web Page Content
Search engines were primarily designed to index text appearing within
the web page. Though many search engines change their ranking method or
algorithm, content is considered to be the king. Visitors will spend
time only when the content is more attractive and much informative than
other website.
Developing Content
The search engines will calculate body content to rank a website. Search
engine spiders desire to crawl and index more rich text from the web
page. Develop quality content focusing on the subject and related to
targeted keywords. It should be developed for visitors and not for
search engines. Repeat region or city name within the body text if you
are targeting the location. Also anchor text should be placed wherever
it is required for the keywords. Highlight main and sub heading of the
page with Header tags which drag visitorís concentration and bots gives
importance for those texts. Each page should contain at least minimum of
250 characters.
The main objective of webmaster or website holder is to attain best
position for the targeted keywords in all search engines. Analyze the
keywords appearing within the content and select 3-5 related keywords
for the page. Optimize the page title and META tags with selected
keywords. As search engines give much importance to header and bold text
for ranking factors, implement these tags for the keywords. Repeat the
targeted keywords at the beginning and bottom of the page. Try to choose
keywords which has good traffic and less competitive because the chances
of attaining best position will be quite comfortable.
Avoid keyword stuffing within the content which will lead to spamming.