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how do i send a send a variable to a new html page that will dynamically use it

Jul 15th, 2003 06:46
Lyon O, ben reece,

Well, you start off by passing a variable to the new web page either by 
using a hidden value in a form or the URL.  I usually use the URL like 
this: $i is the variable you want to pass to web.html, so <a 
href="web.html?i=yes">link</a> would cause $i to equal "yes" on 
To make the page dynamically pick up the variable, you would simply use 
an if statement.  Let's say you want to use $_SERVER[PHP_SELF].  This 
comes in handy because you could then say if($i) { blah, blah } or if(!
$i) {}.  This method works very well.  Hope I helped.