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Why does when I write stg like <A href="b.php?parm=myparm"> in a html, the $parm var is void in b.php script? it should be $parm="myparm" isn't it
I'm just trying a simple link between a html file and a php script with an url get method. http_get_
Thanks a lot Mike. It works fine now.
Just a question yet: what's the meanning of the
two dots before and after get_vars in your example?

Sep 12th, 2009 18:03
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Right, so in the html file you have a list of links that pass $parm to 
<A href="b.php?parm=lazy">lazy</A><BR>
<A href="b.php?parm=fierce">fierce</A><BR>
<A href="b.php?parm=fat">fat</A><BR>
<A href="b.php?parm=old">old</A><BR>
. . . . more content etc. . . .
Then lets say in your b.php file you simply want to print $parm to 
the browser, have a function that uses $parm in a sentence and 
also prints the new sentence to the browser.
     echo  "This is the original value passed: 
function myParmFunction()
global $HTTP_GET_VARS;
     echo "This is the new string using the variable parm. The red 
fox jumped over the ".$HTTP_GET_VARS["parm"]." brown dog.";
If you were to click on the link "lazy" then b.php would produce:
This is the original value passed: lazy
This is the new string using the variable parm. The red fox jumped 
over the lazy brown dog. 
Hope this clears it up for you.
Good Luck!
If you are using $parm inside of a function then you have to declare 
it as a global variable. Also try $HTTP_GET_VARS["parm"].
Good Luck!
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