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How can I drag a popup by declaring an area(onmousedown,onmousemove=move.popup) i.e. replacing the titlebar-drag

Apr 5th, 2008 19:07
ha mo, Colin Fraser, Jacques de Villiers Burke,

I am not sure this is possible, I have tried to get it to work but 
there are a number of issues that need be resolved.  
Firstly, to achieve a successful result, you need have no other mouse 
event on the page, no links, no nothing. 
Secondly, the drag event needs to work only on the onMousedown event, 
anything other than that will cause further problems. 
Thirdly, you also need to relate the pointer position with the dynamic 
script that is required in the onMouseup event.  
Lastly, this seems like a lot of work that seeks to reinvent the wheel. 
Good luck.