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How can I launch an application (ie. MS Access) on the web server from a client terminal?

Jun 8th, 2002 19:55
Wes DeMoney, Budi Lubis,

The problem with your situation is, you are not executing from 
say, an EXE on the same machine as the software, you are using ASP and 
doing it remotely. The problem lies in security. For security reasons, 
you can't do this control in the IIS process. Also, this is bad because 
with every instance a client hits it, a new Access application would 
come up, increasing the amount of RAM used until the machine crashes.
Now, if you just want the client to be able to use Access remotely from 
their web browser, you need to install something like Citrix MetaFrame 
or some other terminal software on your server. Also, you would need a 
pretty powerful machine to do this.

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