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NS6 Preferences set "Every time I view the page", have pages with form uses hidden page id, URL stays same, js submit() result default page all time!

Apr 5th, 2008 19:14
ha mo, Colin Fraser, James Liong,

I know that question lines are deliberately short, and this leads to
some vagueness sometimes, so I will try to answer this question anyway. 
It seems that you have placed a hidden form on the page that is
automatically submitting a pageid, from where the page is supposed to
update. The problem is it is not updating to the newer version of the
page from the server, it is using the cache version. That is what I
understand the peoblem to be anyway.
The cache preferences are supposed to update the page whenever there is
a change or when the page has expired from the cache. Your form is
submitting but not refreshing from the server. Somewhere in the form
submit function you may neet to force a refresh from the server with a
line of code like : 
There are a number of issues here that you may also want to explore. The
basic design of the page may allow you to adopt a different method to
refreshing your page. Keep it simple, less can go wrong.