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How do I install PHP3 to work with Apache 1.3.9?
How do I install PHP3 to work with postgreSQL?

Oct 7th, 2000 13:12
scott rubin, jake matchett, Matt Gregory, Attila Benko, unknown unknown,

this is a following up from the same author of the note below.
i got php to work :)
the missing piece was i needed to have my php pages under the server 
directory which was /home/httpd/html.
then i had to serve up the page by specifying 
http://localhost/whatever.php3 in the browser window.
(localhost means /home/httpd/html)
i too share the frustration! i have installed mandrake 7.1 deluxe 
(after mandrake support told me 7.1 complete wasn't complete enough for 
and then installed apache/mysql/mod_php3.
the apache seems to be installed since the command
rpm -q apache 
returns the version number
mysql works since i can get in by typing mysql
but php doesn't work since a simple php page doesn't recognize php code.
i would have thought this would have worked automatically after 
installing mod_php3.
do i have to have php web page files in a certain directory?
how come i don't have a /usr/local/apache directory set up like the 
docs say is the default httpd directory?
do i have to compile anything?
what is missing from this picture?
Ok, to set up PHP for Postgress and Apache you need to compile for 
both.  First, you will need to compile the PHP module for Apache using -
-with-pgsql=DIR where DIR is the default PostgreSQL install directory 
(/usr/local/pgsql).  You will also need the --with-apache=DIR option 
set with DIR being the Apache dist. base directory.
Now that you have your PostgreSQL PHP module compiled you need to 
recompile Apache with PHP support.  Rather than go to the trouble of 
typing it here you can read it right out of the PHP manual --> 
http://www.php.net/manual/html/install-unix.html .  (It's very very 
Have fun PHPing!
No it is NOT very very simple, if it were then we would not be having 
this discussion. I have RH 6.2 installed and would like to know how to 
get Apache,PHP and Postgresql to work together. All items were 
installed with RH, Postgresql works, Apache works I don't know about 
PHP but I presume it doesn't because it won't run simple PHP. I have 
looked at the httpd.con file and according to all the details collected 
so far the requisite AddModules, LoadModules AddTypes and so on for 
PHP3 are in place and un-commented, can anyone advise? I have looked at 
the PHP manual, that was the first place I looked and is why I ask the 
question here.