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I've disabled tool/menu/title bars. Tab key doesn't function in NS when using DIV/LAYER tag

Apr 5th, 2008 19:27
ha mo, Colin Fraser, Ramesh Murugesh,

There is two possible answers here, the first is simple, the layer
object is treated by the tab key as being one element on the page, that
is the tab focuses on the next object within the page, but as the layer
is an object, it will not set and reset focus within the object. 
You may want to look at placing a form within the layer, then try to tab
within the form. See what happens. 
The other explanation is that there is nothing within the layer that the
tab key can actually set the focus to.    
Withoiut seeing the actual code for the layer, and what you are trying
to tab to makes it a little difficult to supply a more specific
response. However, I dont think it would matter too much, I suspect the
answer would be the same anyway.. 
Good luck...