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i cannot access apache through router from outside,even though port 80 is configured on router.

May 14th, 2004 13:39
Anthony Boyd, Alex Röhlich,

Some ISPs block port 80, and then ask their customers to pay more money 
if they want to run a server.  You have likely run into this problem.
Other problems are possible.  Your router, if it's really a firewall, 
may be configured to allow outgoing port 80 but not incoming.  That's 
vendor-specific, so crack open the manuals if that's the problem.
Or, to be Apache-specific about it, I suppose you could have modified 
your httpd.conf file and accidentally removed the following line:
Listen 80
If you are missing that line in httpd.conf, add it back in.  Another 
Apache-specific suggestion: be sure Apache is running.
Anthony's UPDATE on May 14, 2004:
In an answer to another question, I went into more detail about setting
up ports.  If what I've written above isn't enough information for you,
please refer to this:
It might help.