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When accessing the splash screen in Apache, it shows it to me in raw HTML code. Suggestions?

Jan 9th, 2002 13:17
Kagan (Kai) MacTane, alyssa Shanklin,

It looks like your server is sending HTML files with a MIME type of
"text/plain" -- it should be "text/html". Check on the following things
in your httpd.conf file. This file is most likely either in
/usr/local/apache/conf (if you installed from tarball), /etc/httpd/conf
(on Red Hat systems), or /var/www/conf (on many other systems). If you
can't find it in any of those places, try looking in your init script to
see where the httpd executable is located, and search around from there.
1) Are you loading the mod_mime module? Look for lines that say:
   AddModule mod_mime.c
   LoadModule  mime_module  modules/mod_mime.so
And make sure they aren't commented out.
2) Does your MIME types file have an entry for HTML? Look for a line
that says:
   TypesConfig [path to a file]
Make sure it's not commented out (and that the file exists), then search
that file for a line that says:
   text/html    html htm
If this line doesn't exist, create it. The format for this file is:
   MIME-type    ext1 [ ... extN ]
Where MIME-type is the (valid) MIME type you want the server to send,
and ext1 through extN are file extensions. The line above means, "if the
file has extension "html" or "htm", send the MIME type "text/html"."
Note that the period is not included.