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Is there a way of knowing exactly at what line an error occurred?

Jul 4th, 2001 02:05
Magnus Gudmundsson,

Yes, in vb1->6 there is. 
There is an undocumented function called erl
so say you have this code:
public function DummyFunctionThatDemonstratesErl
dim lSum as long 
on error goto Hell
1  'loads of code 
2 '
3 '
4 '
5 '
6 lsum = 100/0
7 ' even more code 
Exit function 
msgbox "Error occured at line: " & erl
End function 
Notice that u have to markup each line with a number in order for Erl 
to work.
This can be particulary useful if U have an error that occurs at 
runtime on certain clients, then U can just make a debug version with 
marked lines, and get information about exactly where the error occurs.