How To Find a Good Real Estate Agent You Trust in 3 Steps

how to find a good real estate agent

One of the major reasons first time home buyers try to avoid hiring real estate agents is because they feel like they are untrustworthy. After all, real estate agents work for commission, and can sometimes be regarded like car salesman but for real estate. While there is a small percentage of untrustworthy real estate agents out there, there’s a few simple steps you can take to separate the bad from the good. In this article, we’ll be covering how to find a good real estate agent you can trust in three easy steps.

1. Find an Agent With the Right Experience

Experience is one of the key factors you need to look for in a real estate agent. With 1.46 million members in the National Association of Realtors in 2020, there is no shortage of licensed agents in any part of the country.

However, not all of them have the same experience. Look for an agent who has a background as a buyer’s agent if you’re buying or as a seller’s agent if you’re selling. The median years of experience for real estate agents is eight, so you should be able to find one with a solid background.

2.  Find an Agent Others Trust

In addition to having experience, you want an agent you can trust. Talk to friends and family members who’ve bought or sold houses in your area to find out if they recommend their agent. Ask them about their experiences with the agent. Be sure to ask about both the positives and negatives.

You should also look up reviews on the agent to get a more well-rounded picture of how the agent does business. Looking for someone whom other people trust and have had good experiences with can improve the likelihood you’ll also have a positive experience.

3. Find an Agent With a High Success Rate

Agents’ transaction histories are good indicators of how well they do their job. This information takes you a step further than just looking at experience when learning how to find a good real estate agent. Discovering an agent’s track record isn’t necessarily straightforward unless you have access to a database that provides that information.

Their transaction histories can tell you how many homes they’ve been involved in buying or selling, home price ranges, the types of homes they’ve worked with, and where their territories are. This helps you narrow down your selection to those who have success doing the type of transaction you need. Once you narrow your search, you can choose three to five candidates to interview before selecting the right agent for you.

How To Find a Good Real Estate Agent Fast

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