California City Realtors (Top 25)

 california city realtors

There are approximately 299,457 licensed California city realtors. with the home-ownership rate currently standing at 54.8 percent. These agents are dedicated to working hard for you and getting you the best deal when it comes to either buying or selling a house.

You’re going to want to be prepared, and if the other person selling you the house or buying it from you has an agent and you don’t, you may end up settling for a lowball offer or paying more than the house is worth. A quality California agent will be your ally in the process of buying or selling. This is because they’ll work hard to get you the best deal, and act as your offense and defense in terms of negotiations. California real estate agents are highly skilled in their trade and are a fountain of wisdom with all things real estate.

Top 25 Best California Realtors by City

California is one of the most sought after places to live in the United States, and for good reason. It is home to one of the biggest entertainment industries, restaurants and food, construction, education, internet publishing, broadcasting and more!

For these cities, there are hundreds of quality California real estate agents out there that know the area well, have sold many homes, and have the negotiation skills to get you the home you want to buy or to have your home sold. We’ve chosen our top 25 best California real estate agents for each city in California that we believe will get the job done!

California CitiesTop Agents
1. Top Real Estate Agent in San Diego, CAKyle Whissel
2. Top Real Estate Agent in Temecula, CAVal Ives
3. Top Real Estate Agent in Burbank, CABrad Korb
4. Top Real Estate Agent in Murrieta, CAChris Murray
5. Top Real Estate Agent in San Diego, CAMelissa Tucci
6. Top Real Estate Agent in San Jose, CAZaid Hanna
7. Top Real Estate Agent in Tracy, CAEva and Ron Cedillo
8. Top Real Estate Agent in Claremont, CALaura Dandoy
9. Top Real Estate Agent in Brea, CADarryl Jones
10. Top Real Estate Agent in Santa Rosa, CAAdam Menconi
11. Top Real Estate Agent in Los Gatos, CAJennifer Siem-Oldham
12. Top Real Estate Agent in Santa Barbara, CADaniel Zia
13. Top Real Estate Agent in Elk Grove, CAAnna Chi Huang
14. Top Real Estate Agent in Modesto, CAAaron West
15. Top Real Estate Agent in Tracy, CAJack Klemm
16. Top Real Estate Agent in Fairfield, CANicole Solari
17. Top Real Estate Agent in San Clemente, CADoug Echelberger
18. Top Real Estate Agent in Palm Desert, CABahareh Kamoei
19. Top Real Estate Agent in Mission Viejo, CAJordan Bennett
20. Top Real Estate Agent in Brea, CADanny Gom
21. Top Real Estate Agent in San Jose, CASandy Jamison
22. Top Real Estate Agent in Escondido, CAIvan Cazarez
23. Top Real Estate Agent in Big Bear Lake, CAWill Rahill
24. Top Real Estate Agent in Walnut Creek, CARenee White
25. Top Real Estate Agent in Woodland Hills, CAMarc Tahler

California Statistics

The most recent census numbers from 2019 show 39,512,223 people living in the state of California. With cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Jose leading the chart.

The median age in California is 37 years old with an average household income of $111,633.

The average property value in California is $708,936, with a homeownership rate of 54.8%, compared to the national average which is 63.9%.

The Bottom Line

Choosing between California city realtors is a big decision. This is the person you will trust to list your home, organize open houses, handle paperwork, handle negotiations, and represent you while communicating with buyers/buyers agents/sellers/or listing agents. California has about 299,457 agents as of 2021, and FastExpert has hundreds of top tier, professional real estate agents that are perfectly matched for you.

No matter what city you’re selling from, or looking to live in, FastExpert has an agent for that.

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