10 Reasons Why It’s Important to Work With Top Real Estate Agents

 top real estate agents

Homebuyers are increasingly reliant on digital services to buy or sell their homes. They then partner with agents to complete the closing process. Some people might argue that buyers and sellers are now doing a lot of the work in some transactions. So, is it still worth partnering with top real estate agents? Here are 10 reasons the answer is still a resounding yes.

1. Top Real Estate Agents Know Secret Deals

Competition in the housing market reached record highs in 2021. Consequently, casually browsing homes on Zillow is no longer the way to find good deals. By the time a home has made it to Zillow, it can be pending in mere hours. When you work with top agents, they often have access to properties before owners publicly list the property. This is great news for buyers or sellers who intend to purchase another home immediately.

2. Top Real Estate Agents Are Expert Negotiators

Whether you intend to buy or sell a home, working with an expert negotiator can help ensure the transaction takes place within the price point you had in mind. Agents know the markets in their areas well, so they know how much homes should sell for and whether you are overpaying or being underpaid. Note that buying or selling a home at the right price can mean all the difference for your future financial stability.

3. You Never Feel Like Just a Number

Top agents are always in high demand, but they know how to juggle their client relationships. If you have to remind your agent who you are and what you’re looking for every time you speak to him or her, get a new one. When your agent continually keeps you in mind, he or she will remain on the lookout for properties that meet your specific needs. This can bump you to the top of a list in a competitive market before other people get their bids in.

4. Sellers Pay the Agents and Brokers

When hiring a professional, the cost is always one of the main concerns. However, when it comes to top real estate agents, buyers never have to worry. The seller pays for the cost of working with a real estate agent. If both buyers and sellers had separate real estate agents and brokers, then the professionals generally split the commission. This commission ranges from 4% to 6% of the selling price.

5. You Have a Smoother Experience

Even when the market is not especially competitive, buying or selling a home can be stressful. From the many home visits to the transactions that fall through, it can begin to take a toll. Experienced real estate agents can inform you of what to expect when going in and craft a game plan with you. This could mean getting emails at 2 a.m. advising you to put in a second offer for a property that just got another bid, but it might also mean getting the home you want before someone else does.

6. Agents Know Homes Better Than You Do

You have probably owned several homes before this one, but top real estate agents have reviewed hundreds or thousands and matched them to eager buyers. Over time, this has helped them develop a better sense of what kinds of houses meet specific needs. This could cause them to recommend homes you might never have thought of but that work well for you. For example, a multi-generational family who cannot find a duplex might be pleasantly surprised by the space in the mother-in-law suite housed in a walkout basement.

7. Top Agents Can Predict and Solve Problems

In some cases, you might feel you found the perfect home, but your real estate agent feels otherwise. Experienced agents can predict potential problems based on buyer or seller behavior, details of the property and the location. The good news is that all is not lost. He or she can advise you on how to overcome these challenges. For example, if your home needs an overhaul and you have a limited budget, a seller’s agent could advise you on the top fixes that attract buyers.

8. Top Agents Have Additional Resources

Your real estate agent is not the only professional you may need to work with when buying or selling a home. You might also need to find inspectors, building contractors, mortgage brokers and attorneys. Top real estate agents have connections to these professionals and other resources you may need. Just be mindful that agents sometimes receive commissions for referring services, so you should still shop around. Even so, they provide good starting points.

9. Experienced Agents Are House-Hunting Finance Gurus

Your real estate agent is no replacement for your financial advisor, but top agents can tell you how to whip your finances into shape to get the home you want. Say, for instance, that your bank approves you for a $300,000 mortgage, but the home you have in mind is a little higher than this budget. He or she may advise you on how to improve your DTI, what grants you might become eligible for and what purchases to avoid until after closing on your home.

10. Real Estate Agents Provide Some Legal Protection

Real estate transactions involve a lot of documentation. There are also laws in place that determine the responsibilities of buyers and sellers during real estate transactions. This might include disclosures from sellers or whether buyers can withdraw after starting the closing process. While they cannot provide legal advice, experienced real estate agents can help you steer clear of trouble. This ensures a smooth transaction and a legitimate transferral of ownership.

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