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Running Apache, Win98, and PHP 4.0 w/MySQL I get this error: "Call to unsupported or undefined function mysql_connect()"....

Feb 15th, 2000 07:19
Jamie Sandford,

The reason that you will get this error is because PHP can't find any 
its MySQL functions.  In PHP3, the functions for this were in the file 
php3_mysql.dll.  However, note that when you download PHP4 from the PHP 
site, you won't get this .DLL with the distribution.
The additional file, called "php_mysql.dll" is in a separate download 
link on the PHP site.  Once you download it, put it in the directory 
where you have PHP on your hard drive.  Then, open up PHP.INI and edit 
the "extensions" parameter to point to this area (i.e. "c:/php") or 
wherever you want to put the additional modules for PHP.  Then, make 
sure that the line that loads this .DLL in the .INI file is uncommented 
by taking out the ';' at the beginning of the line (which reads