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PHP: Is there an editor (like FrontPage is for HTML) for PHP?

Mar 19th, 2008 22:12
ha mo, Philip Olson, Vip Malixi, Knud van Eeden, Avril Norman,

Frontpage also supports PHP but it prefers the ASP style PHP tags
instead which are: <% %> as opposed to <? ?> or <?php ?>.  See the
asp_tags PHP directive (in php.ini) for details.
Also there is a free "PHP Rocket Add-In" for Frontpage which can be
downloaded and read about here:
For a list of editors, see:
Also, Adobe's Adobe GoLive V.6 has superb PHP support--as in you can
view your data live.  Dreamweaver also supports PHP.  The above PHP 
editor links list a lot of PHP friendly editors many of which are free.