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ActiveXObject support in netscape6.2

Apr 6th, 2008 19:17
ha mo, Colin Fraser, durga bhavani,

My first reaction to this was "Is this a trick question?" 
Netscape has never offered support for ActiveX in any of its browsers
until N7. There has been some rumours so I asked Jean-Bernard Valentaten
and he offered this when I asked him : 
Hmm, I'm not really sure, but as far as I remember, Netscape wanted to
implement an ActiveX support in one of the newer versions (I'm not
sure whether it should be 6.2 or 7.0).
I searched the net for this subject and came up with two sites dealing
with the rumors:
While the first link is an article about ActiveX embedding in NN7 and
it's security flaws, the second one is about a plugin for NN7 that
enables ActiveX support for NN7, thus making it possible to use NN7
through the ActiveX-API in your own sw-projects.
It seems that there are quite a few plugins out there that allow to
use ActiveX within NN6 or greater.
Well, we all know how dangerous ActiveX is and where it's advantages
lie. I wouldn't mind using ActiveX in an Intranet that I can control,
but using it on the net is like sending out an invitation to all
hackers and script kiddies out there, telling them "Please kill our
sites and servers!"
Therefore I can only ask programmers to use this technology (which
isn't a bad idea after all, if only the security aspect had been
solved in a better way) wisely.
Give these places a try for more information.