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how can I create a table like DBGrid in VBasic to users enter data and I get them

Apr 6th, 2008 19:19
ha mo, Colin Fraser, burcu baydar,

For starters, you may want to ask this question in a VB forum, this is
about Javascript... however, I suspect the question string was not long
enough to get the full sense of your question, so you may have been
enquiring about adapting a VBScript. I have never been able to get a
VBScript to run in Netscape. But I do not consider this a shortcomming
of Netscape, rather it is a flaw in Microsoft's reasoning about how to
approach the idea of scripting and browser functionality. However, this
is not answering your question
You may get a better result if you create a Java applet rather than
trying to adapt a VB exe file or VBScript to cross-browser environments.
Realistically, if all you are writing is to IE, then you may want to
look at other browsers. Microsoft is not the only browser provider...
good luck..