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How can I call a save as on files that some user browsers try to open and some others not?

Apr 6th, 2008 19:48
ha mo, Colin Fraser, Manuel Auletta,

Until recently, web browsers would only open files they had been
designed to open or had plugins for. The primary role of plugins was to
enhance the browser, but not for much longer it seems. 
The nature of web browsers was simple, if they recognised the file type,
the file would be opened, if they did not then the browser would
automatically open a Save As dialogue box. Clearly a simple way of doing
things. However, some bright spark decided that functionality should be
paramount. So no matter what the file type was a plugin would be opened
to view the file, just as *.pdfs are with the Adobe Acrobat plugin.
Of course, this nonsense presents a lot of opportunities for viruses and
such, but who cares, Microsoft's view appears to be that security for
the home user is a much over-rated thing.
Anyway, this is why some browsers do open files and others do not. For
me, this is another reason why Netscape is still a better option. I have
far more control over my Netscape browser than I do with IE. Also, I do
not have to concern myself too much with issues of viruses or security,
I do not use IE, nor do I use Outlook or any such. This works for me,
but others will not do this, which is their problem. 
Good luck...