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my script works perfectly in IE, but it gives error on opening when I send it via email

Apr 6th, 2008 19:56
ha mo, Colin Fraser, Mohammad Siddique,

Interpretation 1. 
The question there is how are you sending it? If you use something like
MS-Outlook, or Eudora, can you be sure those programs are capable of
using Javascript. (I would not know here, I dont use any of those
programs, and I really do not care for them anyway). Javascript was
designed for Web pages, not for emails. (This is the question you asked
Interpretation 2.
The other interpretation is that when you send the text of the script
via email, somehow it magically transform to a mess that does not work
when someone else pastes it to their web page. The answer here may be
quite simple, are you using the same browsers? Scripts sometimes will
not work using different manufacturer's browsers, you may have some
browser specific code that will simply not work in another browser.
Another consideration is versions. If you are using IE 6 and the
recipient is using IE 5 then you may have written some code or used an
object or method that has not been implemented in the earlier version.
Your problem is more likely found here than in problems with the email
you are sending. 
To  get around this problem, simply have lots of different browsers on
your computer and test out your code in each of them. If this is
impractical then send your code to friends who can test it for you, if
it does not work then you have a problem in the code. 
This is starting to sound a lot like a recursive function..:) 
Anyway, good luck.