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display data from DataBase in JTable using JDBC

Sep 4th, 2007 03:26
Jemmy wilson, Triveni ds, http://www.itindiasolutions.com

The java.sql package defines the JDBC API for sending SQL queries and 
update statements to a database, and for obtaining query results. This 
article uses examples that did not fit in the second edition of my 
book, Java Examples in a Nutshell, to demonstrate how to use JDBC to 
connect to a database and obtain a java.sql.Connection object, how to 
execute a SQL query using a java.sql.Statement object, and how to work 
with the query results returned in a java.sql.ResultSet object.
The javax.swing package contains the Swing graphical user interface 
components. One of the most powerful of these components is JTable, 
which as its name suggests, displays tables. JTable can display any 
type of tabular data as long as it implements the 
javax.swing.table.TableModel interface. The examples in this article 
include a TableModel implementation that interprets a JDBC ResultSet 
object, so that the queried data can be displayed by a JTable,
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