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Can I pass variables via POST using response.redirect? (no querystring variables shown)?

Sep 2nd, 2002 11:01
Robin Paardekam, chris hayward, http://www.paardekam.nl

I don't know exactly what you mean. You ask one question, about two 
different ways of passing values:
1. If you use POST, you use a FORM which is being submitted.
2. If you use response.redirect, you just tell the server to visit 
another page. 
If you want to visit another page, but also use the values from the 
page you originated from, you should indeed add some URL-variables. 
Otherwise you could think about using frames, so the complete URL 
doesn't appear in the Address-bar. Of you could save those variables in 
a cookie or a Session-variable.
Hope this helped you.
Good luck,
Robin Paardekam

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