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How do I replace one form element with another (ie turn a select box into a text field)?

Apr 23rd, 2005 08:58
Bernie Codefreak, Ken Brill,

i found a way to replace whole <elements>
in the following example i replace
"<input type=text name=input-field size=20>"
"<select size=\"1\" name=\"select-field\">
<td id="td-element">
 <input type=text name=input-field size=20>
THE Javascript-CODE
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
function change() {
//at the line aboth i delete the existing Child from "td-element"
 var newselect = document.createElement("select"); //create a new element
 newselect.setAttribute("size", "1") // set its attriputs
 newselect.setAttribute("name", "dns_prio") //...
 for (var i=1; i<=5; i++){ //do the following 5 times cause the
select-field should contain 5 child-elements
  var newo = document.createElement("option"); //create a new child-element
  var newotext = document.createTextNode( i + "0"); //set the text
between <option> and </option>
  newo.appendChild(newotext); //append the text to the option-element
  newselect.appendChild(newo); // append <option>10</option> to the
 document.getElementById("td-element").appendChild(newselect); //place
the final element into the html-code
Have Fun!