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How do I form POST to a different url based on form data

Apr 7th, 2008 23:09
ha mo, Colin Fraser, E. James Zettlemoyer,

I have made several attempts to get a dynamic form working clientside 
but it continually came up with an error or it would not post and would 
just carry on as if nothing had happened, which it had not. I have no 
clientside answer for this question. However, that does not mean there 
is no answer. 
In general sense, write the form in normal HTML and send the post to a 
javascript function to validate and verify the data. Once validated, 
then verified, the function sends the data to a second, serverside,  
script that checks the data field that sets the final destination of 
the data. Using a switch statement serverside, the second script sends 
the data to the required place. I cannot think of any other reasonable 
I suspect the answer is simple, once the serverside script is working 
and I am afraid I do not have the time to appropriately code an answer 
to this question, sorry. 
Good luck.