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How to create a secondary redundant qmail server, in a geographically separated location.?

Jan 28th, 2004 15:29

Richard G., Jacob Paulose

* Add the domain name for which you will be accepting email into your 
rcpthost file.
*IF* you are passing this email to an INTERNAL server you will need to 
remember that qmail looks up MX records in DNS and ignores hosts 
files.  To solve this problem you will need to either add an MX entry 
into a private DNS server that is accessed by the qmail server
you can setup a file called /var/qmail/control/SMTPROUTES that points 
to the IP address where you want to send the email.
The format for the SMTPROUTES file is
:host (or [ipaddress]
widgets.com:[] #route email destined for widgets.com  
                           # to internal ip address
salesforce.net:mail.salesforce.net #route mail for salesforse.net back
                                   #back to their mail server
:ms1.sendmymail.com        #send all mail to host ms1.sendmymail.com
:[]            #send all mail to ip address

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