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Help! I can't install PHP4 RC2. I use win98 SE and win-apache 1.3.12. I have entered the information in the apaches httpd.conf

Jun 5th, 2000 18:11
Phil Greenway, William Holt, Emir Musabasic,

I'm running Apache 1.3.12 / PHP4 RC2 / NT4.0SP6 and it works no worries.
Check through your error logs and make sure that you have made the 
appropriate changes to httpd.conf and also to php.ini (which should in 
your windows dir if you move it there)
I'm not familar with OmniHTTP - so I won't comment on it.
I'll rather suggest you to use OmniHTTP. I've configured it for PHP4 
RC2 on my NT in one minute.