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I'm using PHP4 with IIS4.0 on NT4.0. I can't seem to get sessions to work. If I set "session.auto_start=1", IIS locks up and I can only reboot.

Sep 2nd, 2000 23:50
John Lim, jamie burns, Bryan W, Chris Moffatt,

Sessions in PHP4 are implemented by saving files to a temporary 
directory, each session being a separate file. 
Possible errors that can occur:
1. PHP.INI session.save_path variable is set to a non-existant 
directory. This is possible because the default save_path is just set 
to "/tmp".
2. The web server does not have permission to modify the tmp directory. 
Remember that the web server operates as as a specific user in NT, not 
the user you are logged in as!
john lim
****** THIS WORKED FOR ME ******
I had PHP4 crashing on me every time I called session_start() and I 
changed my php.ini file back to the default one in the installation - 
the optimised ini file seemed to cause the problem.
I am having this problem too with PHP 4.0, IIS 5.0 and Windows 2k 
Professional.  My IIS doesn't lock up but the PHP web page produces no 
output halting at the session_start() call.  PHP acts as if it can't 
parse the instructions.  Have you read the tutorial at:
I e-mailed the author of that article, Tobias Ratschiller, and asked 
him if "session handing" works in the Win32 version of PHP.  I have not 
received a reply.  Can anyone else offer any input to help us?