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How to design the navigational structure?

Jan 4th, 2006 00:38
yogesh dhawan,

Every page of your site, you must provide clear and unambiguous 
answers to the two basic questions your visitors will ask 
themselves, "Where I am?" and "Where do I go from here?".  Though, 
that this should be given priority over the niceties of design (as you 
may expect me to), simply because thoughtful and professional design 
is highly unlikely to hinder navigating the site. 
The principal vehicle for travelling around a site is a set of buttons 
commonly grouped on each page into a navigation bar or navigation 
If you manage to persuade your first-time visitors to make one step 
down from the home page, the chances of them getting involved with the 
content and wishing to explore your site thoroughly become much 
That's why we'll start by examining in depth the main navigation 
panels on the home pages of two hardware companies, Sun and Digital, 
which present a very instructive contrast in their approaches.  Then, 
we'll cover features of their subpages' navigation machinery, and 
finally, discuss some miscellaneous navigation issues.