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Are the certificates like CCNA & MCSE a must for better opportunity in the field of Networking

Oct 3rd, 2008 17:02
vijay y, Marc Twin, Joseph Martin, Deepak Sharma, Santosh Mahapatro, http://tcpmag.com/salarysurveys/2007/charts/chart1.aspx http://www.certcities.com, http://www.certexams.com

For working with any decent mid-large organization, these certificates
are necessary. They are the proof that you do have a basic understanding
of the subject you're taking up. Also, if you plan to move abroad, these
certificates play a plus.
According to a recent survey by TCPmag, average salary for a CCNA is 
US$76,500, for CCNP certified people it is $88,000, and for CCIE it is 
$1,16,000. Certification is widely viewed as a means of establishing 
proficiency in a given line. 
Popular tech certifications include Cisco Certified Network Associate, 
A+ Certification, Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW), MCSA (Microsoft 
Certified Systems Administrator), Oracle Certification and Sun 
A comprehensive view of all the certifications may be had from