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How to Choose Moving & Relocation Companies?

Aug 28th, 2008 19:15
vijay y, emil cohen, http://www.ehow.com/how_277_choose-moving-company.html

For this purpose, one needs to do some initial screening. The best 
source for identifying a relocation company is Yellow Pages. The prices 
vary from one company to another vastly. One need to enquire atleast 4-
5 companies before finalyzing a contract. 
Further, the choice of relocation company also depends on what is being 
relocated. Whether you are relocating business, home, or any other 
goods. If you are relocating a business, it is important that the 
relocating company has proper experience in handling office equipment 
such as computers and other sophisticated equipment. 
Also, ensure that the company is professionally managed, and not one 
run by a single individual. A professionally run company will have 
experienced packers and movers, who will handle the equipment 
appropriately while moving or loading.
Also, see whether they have thier own moving equipment such as packing 
materials and trucks. A professionally managed company will usually 
have their own packing materials (with logos etc.), and own their 
Finally, negotiate the price. It varies from company to company.
Hope this helps,