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gem stone beads
wholesale gem stone beads

Nov 7th, 2007 23:33
vikram saini,

We are exporter-wholesaler of gem stone beads ,precious stone beads & 
semi precious stone Beads, cabochons, & statues carving, gem stones in 
varied shapes & sizes. 
We mainly deal in multi precious stone beads necklace Ruby, Emerald, 
Blue & Yellow Sapphire ,Tourmaline, Amethyst, Citrine, Iolite, 
Rhodolite, Lapis, Tiger eye, Moon stone, Chalcedony carnelian, Agate, 
and other major colored gem stone.
World class creativity consistent quality superb craftsmanship and fair 
price in wholesale price is what make us stand distinguished in both 
national & international market, be it Necklace, Button, Roundel beads, 
Coin, Oval, Brick, Nuggets, Chips, Wheel Drops, Almond drops, and all 
shape & size in Beads.
Our lifelong membership with Jewelers association of Jaipur, Member of 
Joint Director General Of foreign Trade Udyog Bhawan Jaipur it self 
reflects our achievements & reliability.
Give a chance we assure you enduring quality, flawless craftsmanship & 
a lasting relationship
contact us: [email protected]
website  : http://www.silverartandstonebeads.com