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What are the benefits of implementing VoIP?

Nov 12th, 2007 00:40
Maneet Puri,

Apart from being an economical alternative to the PSTN, VoIP boasts of
also a number of other benefits for its users, such as:
1. The incoming calls can be automatically routed t your VoIP phone no
matter where you are connected to your network. Hence, even when you
trip around different places, you can receive the incoming calls. 
2. VoIP phones can be extensively used in the contact centers with
sufficiently fast and stable internet connection. Hence, it is
relatively cost-effective. 
3. VoIP users in the USA, UK, and other countries can avail free numbers
for use with VoIP from organizations such as VoIP user.
4. VoIP packages include features such as 3-way calling, call
forwarding, automatic redial and caller ID for which PSTN service
providers usually charge extra. Often these additional features may not
be available with you PSTN service providers.
Q.3 - Are there any existing problems with VoIP technology?
Despite some definitive advantages over PSTN, VoIP is not free from
drawbacks as it is in its nascent phase. There are basically, two major
problems with the VoIP such as: 
Power Supply - In case of VOIP, if you lose power, the line goes down.
Besides, the quality of internet connection also decides the quality of
calls as well  if the internet connection goes down, you will be facing
problems to make or receive calls. Further, the transmission errors,
viruse threats and hack attacks can considerably bring down the network
which affects the calling experience.
Performance - Calls in VOIP are routed through PBX systems and hence,
the quality of the PBX systems decides the quality of the calling as
well. Some users who have tried VOIP have negative experience about its
reliability. For instance, sometimes the users would pick up the phone
to find no dial tone and they would have to reboot the VOIP box before
making or receiving a call. Similarly, other problems such as defective
call ID reporting and much echo during the phone calls have contributed
the popular disapproval of the VOIP as an alternative the existing PSTN