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Difference Between Blue Cross of California and Blue Shield of California?

Nov 29th, 2007 13:44
Dennis Alexander, http://www.getmymedical.com

Blue Cross of California and Blue Shield of California are separate, 
competing companies that offer comprehensive plans at the Individual 
and Small Group level.
Provider Networks Both companies have extensive doctor and hospital 
lists with 48,000 doctors and 400 hospitals up and down the state. 
Typically the lists overlap with doctors/hospitals participating in 
both. Occasionally there will be a doctor who participates with one 
company but not the other so it's best to check on your doctor. Online 
Doctor Listing
Financial Strength This really is the main reason to go with 
the "Blues". Smaller or less efficient carriers are having 
difficulties with some filing for Bankruptcy. If you are with a 
smaller carrier that is offering significantly reduced costs, they 
almost definitely raise rates, lower benefits, and/or leave the market 
entirely. If you have developed health conditions, the other carriers 
will not pick you up at that time. Blue Cross of California is owned 
by Wellpoint, named the most admired health care carrier in the nation 
three years in a row. Blue Shield is a close second.
Plans Both companies offer a wide range of plans. Take a look at Cross 
for their Right Plan, Tonik ,Share PPO plans, Basic 1000 ( low cost 
hospital plan). Shield has done well with the HSA qualified Preferred 
Savings plans and new Essential plans. Click here to see how the Share 
plans and the Preferred Savings differ.