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How is card counting done?
Explain the card counting ?
Define card counting ?

Mar 9th, 2008 10:34
vijay y, Marc Twin, David Sill, James Buren, http://casinobackgammon.blogspot.com http://roulettegame.blogspot.com http://skillgamereviews.blogspot.com

The card counting system described below is an unbalanced 10 count that
is 100% accurate for determining when to take insurance. As a general
purpose card counting system, it is relatively weak and not particularly
recommended, but it illustrates many of the principles behind card
counting. This is intended only to give a feel for how card counting is
done, and is not recommended for actual practice, although I've used it
because of its simplicity. This counting strategy is listed as
"Unbalanced 10 Count" in other parts of the FAQ list.
For single deck games:
    1) Start the count at -4 when the deck is shuffled. 
    2) Count -2 for 10, J, Q, K 
    3) Count +1 for everything else (including aces) 
    4) Bet low when the count is negative, high when the count is
positive (actually, simulations show that you can bet high for a count
of -2 or above). 
    5) Take insurance when the count is positive. 
    6) Play basic strategy at all times.