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What is Professional Golf ?
Explain the different types of Professional Golf ?
What the most happening Professional Golf ?

Jan 11th, 2008 04:43
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Top level professional golf consists of a year round schedule of weekly
tournaments played all around the world. Most of the tournaments are
organised into series called tours. There are separate tours for men and
women. Each tour is based in a specific geographical region, though some
of them also include events in other parts of the world.
Golf is one of the more lucrative sports in the world for both men and
women, but it is has a very different structure from other sports,
especially team sports. Many make their main income as club or teaching
professionals, some as business professionals and others as restaurant
servers, bartenders or valet parkers rather than from competition.
"Touring professionals", also known as "Tournament golfers" or "Pro
golfers", who make their income from prize money and endorsements, are a
small elite within the profession. The very best golfers make up to
8-figure incomes in U.S. dollars; Tiger Woods is the highest earning
sportsman in the world, according to Forbes magazine.
But for the less successful, tournament golf can be an unstable
profession. It is also an expensive one to participate in: tournaments
have entry fees and practical costs such as travel and lodging expenses,
as well as paying for a caddy. Moreover, most tournaments have a "cut"
midway through, in which the bottom half of players with the worst
scores are eliminated. Only those players remaining after the cut earn
any prize money at all. Thus, after costs are taken into account,
lesser-known tournament golfers who are playing erratically (and do not
have a steady income from endorsements) can be in dire financial straits
in a bad year.
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