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Can Bet Review Detail
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Mar 31st, 2009 10:33
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Canbet is United Kingdom licensed and is wholly owned subsidiary of
global Gaming and Wagering Company ‘International All Sports Limited’
(IAS). IAS is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, is subject to
independent audit, and is licensed in both the United Kingdom and
Australia. Consequently Canbet offers a completely safe and secure
environment for your deposits and winnings. IAS was established in 
the company own and manages various licensed and regulated Racebooks,
Sportsbooks, Casinos and Poker Rooms in both the UK and Australia.
Wherever you are in the world you can feel confident when betting with
Canbet that the highest industry standards are adhered to and that you
are dealing with a solid publicly traded company whose management team
has spanned over 3 decades of expertise within the strictest regulated
gaming and wagering environments.
At Canbet you have access to Internet and Telephone betting on World
Sport, North American Sport, International Horse Racing, Entertainment
Events, Poker, Casino and Games 24/7. Our Professional Customer 
Representatives are here to help you any way possible, including 
enquiries, depositing funds, account withdrawals and betting 
Canbet offers Toll Free Telephone facilities with English and Asian
Multi Lingual speaking operators. Confidentiality and privacy is of
prime importance at Canbet. Bet in confidence knowing that your bets
will not be disclosed or publicised.
Canbet offers a wide range of payment methods including Credit Cards
(Visa and MasterCard), Debit Cards (Visa, Delta, Switch and Solo, UK
only), Bank Transfer/Wire, NETeller, FirePay, Moneybookers, Cheque,
Money Orders and Bankers Drafts. Unlike some betting and gaming
companies, Canbet does not charge fees on most transactions. Your
account is completely flexible - you can deposit or withdraw funds at
any time, completely free of charge in most cases. .
Canbet is a member of the United Kingdoms, Independent Betting
Arbitration Service (IBAS). IBAS is an authoritative, totally
independent third party offering adjudication for customers who have an
unresolved betting dispute with licensed Sportsbooks. Responsible Gambling:
Overview: For the majority of people, gambling is an enjoyable leisure
and entertainment activity. However, for some, gambling can have
negative impacts. As a result, Canbet has developed a policy, which 
out guidelines to govern the provision of its services in order to
minimize the harm to consumers that may be adversely affected by 
What is Responsible Gambling?
“Responsible Gambling” is a broad concept and involves the conduct of
gambling in a manner whereby the potential for harm associated with
gambling is minimized.
It respects the responsibility of individuals for their own actions, 
also acknowledges a responsibility on the part of the service 
Responsible gambling has regard to the context in which gambling 
the inducements made to gamble, the way the gambling service operates
and the integrity of the gambling operator.
The aim is to enable persons to make informed decisions about their
participation in gambling and, if harm has occurred, to provide access
to gambling help services.
What is Problem Gambling?
Problem gambling exists when there is a lack of control over gambling,
particularly the scope and frequency of gambling and the level of
betting and the amount of leisure time devoted to gambling. The 
consequences of problem gambling may include:
1. the gambler suffering excessive financial losses relative to the
gambler’s means;
2. adverse personal affects on the gambler, his or her family and 
3. adverse affects on employers and work performance; and
4. other costs which are borne by the community.
Customer Care Principles and Responsible Gambling: Canbet practices
consistency in care of customers and promoting responsible gambling
practices. For the vast majority of people, the attraction to test 
judgement or luck does not create problems. Gambling generally should 
a pleasurable form of entertainment. The aim is to achieve a balanced
approach in the provision of wagering services, taking account of the
interests of the wagering public, ie customers, the Company and the
community at large.
Responsible Gambling Policy: Millions of people each week enjoy the
recreational and entertainment values inherent in being able to wager 
racing and sporting events throughout the world. The involvement of the
majority of these people is at a level appropriate to their financial
circumstances. It is recognized, however, that a small number may have
difficulty in controlling their wagering activities.
Canbet is committed to sharing with Governments and communities the
responsibility of helping problem gamblers to identify their problem 
seek assistance. One way the Company does this is to offer its 
the facility to exclude themselves from betting with Canbet, either
temporarily or on a permanent basis.
Canbet aims to achieve the following outcomes:
1. Minimise the extent of gambling related harm to individuals and the
broader community;
2. Enable customers to make informed decisions about their gambling
3. Enable people adversely affected by gambling to have access to 
and appropriate assistance and information;
4. Promote a shared understanding between individuals, communities, the
gambling industry and Government of responsible gambling practices and
an understanding of their rights and responsibilities in relation to
these practices;
5. Ensuring the gambling industry provides safe and supportive
environments for the delivery of gambling products and services.
Canbet employees are trained to provide the recreational and
entertainment experience sought by its clients, whilst at the same time
offering assistance to those who have difficulty in controlling their
wagering activities. The Company has adopted strategies for the
provision of information to ensure that customers can make informed
decisions about their gambling. The Company actively provides referral
services to gambling related support services and shares the 
concerns for the harm caused in the lives of this minority group.
Withdrawals Security: For security, where possible, funds initially
deposited by any of the below payment methods are required to be paid
back to the same payment method when a withdrawal request is made.
Withdrawals Policy: In the instances where Canbet absorbs Banking
Transaction fees, if the entire deposit amount is not bet through
(turned over) at least once, any transfer charges associated with the
deposit/withdrawal amount will be deducted from the account prior to 
withdrawal - minimum three percent (3%).
Credit & Debit Cards: Use your credit or debit card to fund your Canbet
account instantly. Canbet accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards as
well as the following debit cards (incl. Maestro/Switch, Solo, Visa
Delta and Visa Electron). Non-UK Card Holders
Billing Descriptor on Card Statement This transaction will appear on
your card statement as CSB Ltd.
NETeller (1-PAY)
Bank Transfer
Bank Draft (Cheque by Mail or FedEx)