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Why does PHP4 (windows) tell me that my module doesn´t exist when it does? I´m talking about php_mssql70.dll.

Mar 15th, 2008 21:22
dman, ha mo, Thadeus Joseph, c m, Dave Fischer, Davíđ Geirsson, http://www.ttnr.org

The best way to get your extention to work is to 
1.       Make sure that you have the extention installed (downloaded and
copied to the final location)
2. enable them in the php.ini (it can be found under the windows
directory use any text editor to edit it) after editing the php.ini -  
3. Edit the windows path information and Add the path to the php
installation folder (i.e. if your php folder is c:\php then add the
following to your path (;c:\php). 
4.Restart the computer. 
Your problem is solved
Without more information, I can't say for sure, but offhand I would 
guess that you haven't un-commented the appropriate extension variable 
in the php.ini file.
Also, check the dependencies on the dll.  It is possible that you are 
missing a dll on which php_mssql70.dll depends.
Also take a look at this