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How to Play Online Pooljam Game?
What is the Online Pooljam Game?
What types of PoolJam Game Scoring?

Jan 24th, 2008 22:58
Dare Rudd, http://www.onlinecasinoreviewdirectory.com/ http://www.onlinecasinoreviewsguide.com/ http://www.skillgamesdirectory.com/

The main aim and Object of the Pooljam Arcade Game Online is to sink all
the nine balls before the time runs out so that you can score bonus
points for the time saved. Turn into a nine-ball specialist without all
that messy chalk! How many balls can YOU sink before time runs out.
Position each shot using your mouse, moving it around the cue ball to
find your aim. Press and hold the space bar to lock in your shot
position, then left-click to drag the mouse/stick away from the cue
ball, referring to the power meter to gauge the force behind your shot.
Remember the more is the Power, the more intense and powerful is your
shot. Release the left-click button to shoot.
Speed Bonus : You can also receive Speed Bonus on pocketing the balls
0 Second - 100 Points
1 Second - 90 Points
2 Seconds - 80 Points
3 Seconds - 70 Points
4 Seconds - 60 Points
5 Seconds - 50
And so on...
Rack Bonus : Receive a Rack Bonus for each rack cleared. If you clear
all the 9 balls of a rack, you receive the Run bonus and with that a
Rack Bonus.
The Rack Bonus Patters are :
1st Rack - 100 Points
2nd Rack - 200 Points
3rd Rack - 300 Points
4th Rack - 400 Points ... & So on ...
The scores Pattern are :
1 Ball - 100 Points
2 Balls - 200 Points
3 Balls - 300 Points
4 Balls - 400 Points .... and so on ...
The game begins with 9 balls, plus the cue ball. Players must sink the
balls in the pockets as fast as they can in order to score points.
Points Run Bonus : Receive Bonus on successful and sequential shots.
Score Run Bonus sequently when you pocket the balls subsequently or
sequently. You will receive 100 points for each ball pocketed.
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