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Could your Ph level be causing your insomnia?

Mar 14th, 2008 21:11
ha mo, Phil Tsang, http://www.howtobeatinsomnia.com

Could your ph level be causing your sleep problems? Most people are not
aware of their ph balance, however keeping a balanced ph is essential
for health. What does ph have to do with anything? Well, maintaining the
body's acid/alkaline balance for one, can improve your sleep and energy
levels. More importantly it will help you avoid disease and illness, and
help you maintain a healthy body weight, as well as aid digestion and
your metabolism.
Eating a well balanced diet is essential in keeping your ph balanced. It
is recommended that you eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables to help
maintain your ph balance. However, avoid too much dairy products, white
foods such as white sugar, white flour and white rice, and animal foods
such as meat, fish and poultry.
Please bear in mind that this is only a basic guideline, it's important
to test on a regular basis to ensure that your ph level is balanced.
Everyone is unique, a diet that balances one persons ph levels may not
do the same for another person.
It's frightening to know that an overly acidic body can cause
degenerative diseases such as heart disease, cancer, arthritis, kidney,
gall stones and osteoporosis. An overly acidic body lacks oxygen and is
the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.
You can buy ph paper from a pharmacist. To test your ph, place some of
your saliva on a piece of ph paper. Ensure that you have waited at least
2 hours after eating and that your saliva is clean. Your ph should be a
healthy 7.4, if it is not you can redo the test 2 hours later to check.
Once you have determined your ph, you can begin to take steps to correct it.
Sleep is far more complex than people are led to believe which is why
when dealing with sleep problems, other avenues need to be looked into.
There are various psychological and physiological factors that affect
sleep. Sleep medication is by far the worst solution for sleep problems
as it usually does more bad than good.
You think with all these top scientists and advance technology that
someone could cure insomnia right? But what you need to understand is
that insomnia is not a disease or a virus, it's not a cancer that can be
surgically removed or treated with chemo-therapy.
Like with depression and anxiety disorders, sleep problems such as
insomnia need to be treated in the mind. Although mental disorders tend
to manifest physical symptoms, the source is in the brain. But like
breathing, the mind already knows how to sleep. It's the sub-conscious
that is the key to unlocking your ability to sleep, that's the 'sleep in
a bottle'.