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Who are the Governement authorized VOIP providers in India?

Nov 15th, 2008 09:21
vijay y, Asrar Khan, John Martin,

Government of India has recently opened up VOIP (Short for Voice Over 
IP)services in India. As a result, all the Internet service providers 
can offer VOIP services to their customers in India. STD and ISD rates 
will be coming down subsequent to the decision taken by TRAI to open 
VOIP services.
Though several agencies are offering VOIP services prior to the formal 
approval by the Govt. Of India, this is the first time that the GOI has 
taken a concious and clear decision for allowing VOIP. The Government 
is also committed to allow telecom customers to choose the long 
distance carrier. This will provide more flexibility to the customers 
in India.