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Can I script or access the internal of (X)Emacs with Python?

Jun 10th, 2002 08:03

Alain Tesio, Alastair Burt, Shae Erisson

If this question means "Can I use Python instead of Emacs Lisp to add
extra modules to Emacs?", have a look at PyMacs : 
If this question means "Can a running Python process control a running 
Emacs process?", then you probably want to use gnuserv.  This comes
standard with XEmacs. I do not know about the other Emacs.  You need to
get (X)Emacs to call the Elisp function "gnuserv-start", and then access
this process through the "gnuclient" program.  Here is an example:
 $ xemacs -f gnuserv-start &
 [1] 15069
 $ python
 Python 1.5.2 (#4, Feb  3 2000, 16:21:22)  [GCC 2.8.1] on sunos5
 Copyright 1991-1995 Stichting Mathematisch Centrum, Amsterdam
 >>> import commands
 >>> commands.getoutput('gnuclient -batch -eval "(+ 1 1)"')

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