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How to Promote a Real Estate Website

Jun 11th, 2008 02:16
Assaf Katzir, http://www.RealEstateProArticles.com

Are you satisfied with the amount of traffic that you get from search 
Do you get targeted traffic to your real estate website?
Do you want to get more targeted traffic that actually become your 
There is a way to get more traffic to your real estate website. There 
is a way to get that traffic targeted. The way I'm talking about will 
not cost you a single cent but there is a catch. It should be done in 
the right way or may I say in the smart way especially in the real 
estate market which is a very competitive market.
Publishing articles is one of the most efficient ways to get targeted 
traffic and increase website ranking in search engines for specific 
search term.
Now days rules are a bit different then they used to be in the last 
years. Submitting article to as many directories as possible is no 
longer effective and some say that it even can harm more than it can 
help because it might raise a flag of duplicate content for search 
In order that a real estate website will rank high in the search 
engine result pages for specific search term it has to have quality 
links pointing to it from other websites. What are quality links? 
Well, it means that these links should come from relevant real estate 
authority websites and that the links will have the required phrase as 
anchor text (hyper text).
<b>The right  and smart way of using articles to promote a real estate 
related website</b> is to find these real estate authority websites 
that allows users to submit articles. These websites should ONLY deal 
with information related to real estate and that is what makes them an 
authority in the eyes of the search engines. An example of a real 
estate authority website that allows users to submit articles is 
What should your article consist of
The article should contain useful real estate related information for 
the reader. It can be tips, how to avoid common mistakes... When you 
submit your article there is an area which called "Author Bio" 
or "Resource Box" this is where you place your links to your website. 
It is very important that you will use hyper text that contain the key 
phrase that you want to rank well for in the search engines result 
pages. If you are not sure how you should use the resource box, just 
take a look at some other articles on that specific site.
Submitting the article was only the first part. After your article is 
reviewed and hopefully approved you have to do a small activity. This 
simple and small activity is what makes it so efficient. You have to 
use web2.0 tools for that. It means that you have to bookmark (i.e. 
del.icio.us) the articles and use the social news network (i.e. digg) 
or any other web2.0 tools that the specific directory provides. An 
excellent feature that exists in http://www.RealEstateProArticles.com 
is the "Got a question" box at the bottom of every article published. 
This feature allows every reader (including the author) to raise a 
question. Every question raised creates another link to your article. 
This question goes to communities to be answered and that means more 
exposure for your article.
The best results of article marketing is when you submit articles on a 
constant pace. Put article submission in your weekly task list it is 
definitely worth it.