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What are the globally recognized certifications available on computer computer H/W and O/S?

Aug 26th, 2008 10:16
vijay y, http://www.certexams.com/ http://www.comptia.org/

A+ Certification offered by CompTIA is the most widely 
recognized certification in the field of computer hardware and 
operating systems. A+ is a vendor neutral certification. It means, 
unlike CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) which is vendor 
specific, A+ is not dedicated to a particular computer hardware or 
operating system. To obtain A+ Certification, one need to pass two 
constituent exams, viz A+ Essentials, and A+ IT Technician exams.
         A+ certified professional will be capable of performing the 
following activities:
1. Assemble and test computer hardware
2. Install computer operating systems like Windows XP, Mac, or Vista 
(Note that CompTIA offers a separate exam for Linux, and it is not 
covered in A+)
3. Troubleshoot hardware and software problems with PCs
4. Exhibit good professional ethics
Other certifications offered by Comptia include Network+, and Linux+.