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Where are Main Markets In Jaipur?
Shopping Arcades In Jaipur
Main Markets In Jaipur

Oct 30th, 2008 22:59
Info4 india, http://www.jaipurtourismguide.com/main-markets-in-jaipur.html

The pink city Jaipur, the only planned city of ancient India is a
colorful city with a rich Heritage and culture. The city is famous for
its traditions, the royal look and the grandeur that can be seen here.
Jaipur is the center of many traditional art and crafts, handicrafts and
such other things. The Bazaars in Jaipur are unique in themselves with a
variety of things of beautiful things to offer.
The Bazaars in Jaipur are mostly located within the old walled city area
and are open on all days. 11 am to 7 pm is the best time to shop around
in the city. The Bazaars in Jaipur can also be reached very easily by
catching buses from various points. One can also hire rickshaws, tempos
and taxis to reach the markets.
Some of the important markets in Jaipur include Johari Bazaar, Bapu
Bazaar and Nehru Bazaar, Kishanpol Bazaar, Tripolia Bazaar, Khazana
Walon ka Rasta and many other small markets.
Bapu Bazaar is one of the important and main market areas in Jaipur.
This market is the place which will give you the scope to shop the best
products like fabrics, shoes, local perfumes. Shoes, jackets and
textiles are the best in this place. The road side stalls are best place
where you can explore the local shops and the local handicrafts at
reasonable rates. The most important and attracting part of the market
is the colorful fabrics with Jaipur prints, tie n die and block
vegetable prints.
The wonderful zari work and the embroidered shoes are very famous and
are popular among all the tourists. The leather shoes made from camel
skin and the wonderful jackets and belts are quite attractive. The
market is the place where you can bargain and get the best products. The
local perfumes and the scent are very popular, they are made of natural
elements and are very much herbal.
Kishanpol Bazaar
Kishanpol Bazaar is the famous market of the city known for textiles and
wooden furniture. Running parallel to Baba Harish Chandra Marg and
Chaura Rasta, this bazaar is a special place to buy Bandhani textiles.
Bandhani or tie & dye is a skillful art practiced in Jaipur on a large
scale. The fabrics are tied into small knots using threads and are
dipped into an array of beautiful colors. After dyeing these knotted
parts remain uncolored creating different designs and patterns. The
popular patterns are mothda, the chequered design, lahariya, the
diagonal strips, shakari, the human and animal figures and ekdali, the
design of small circles and squares.
Tripolia Bazaar
Between the Manak Chowk and Chhoti Chaupar lies the Tripolia Bazaar
known for ironware, brassware and carpets. However, the bazaar has many
shops dealing in utensils, rugs, textiles, furniture, trinkets and range
of other items. The Maniharon ka Rasta of this bazaar is a good place
for lac bangles. Apart from this, do look for carpets in this bazaar, as
Jaipur is known for colorful and elegantly designed carpets right from
the days of Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II (1835-1880). Known for
Indo-Heratic designs, the motifs used in the carpets are human figures,
landscapes, flora, fauna and geometric. Durrie, a type of low quality
carpet is also available here, nowadays used as an alternative for
carpets. The bazaar is closed on Sunday. However the best place for
carpets and durries in the city is Achrol House, Subhash Chowk.
Khazana Walon Ka Rasta
Parallel to Baba Harish Chandra Marg on its western side is situated the
lane of Khazana Walon Ka Rasta, famous for stone carved sculptures. A
wide variety of sculptures of any size are available here.
Annual Event/ Special Attraction
Festivals are the time when the bazaars of Old city are worth visiting
as they are full of enthusiasm and fun and a carnival like atmosphere
can be observed during those days.
Nearby Tourist Attractions
Hawa Mahal, Isar Lat, City Palace, Central Museum, Jantar Mantar, and
Seven Gates of the walled city.
Nearby Places to Eat
Chanakya restaurant, LMB hotel, Niro's, Natraj restaurant, Surya Mahal,
Copper Chimney, Handi restaurant, Sagar Ratna and Jaipur Inn.
Johari Bazaar
Jaipur shopping experience can never be considered complete without a
visit to the Johari Bazaar. This world famous jewelry market is an
experience you will like to remember for life. Gold, silver, diamonds,
emeralds – you will find them all in different shapes and sizes at the
Johari Bazaar.
Popularly referred to as the “jeweler’s market” of the city, Johari
Bazaar attracts locals and tourists alike. Besides, many love to shop
for weddings at the Johari Bazaar in Jaipur Rajasthan. Right from
necklaces and pendants to bracelets, you can find every form of jewelry
at the Johari Bazaar.
The most sought after item at the Johari Bazaar is kundan jewelry
followed by other items like Minakari jewelry, precious / semi precious
gems and so on. The emeralds of Jaipur also figure among the must buy
items of shoppers at the Johari Bazaar.
Shopping at the Johari Bazaar in Jaipur Rajasthan can be a very
interesting experience for the non-initiated. Besides, the market is a
very good place to pick up gift items for your friends back home.
Encompassing the color, gaiety and vibrancy of Rajasthan, the jewelry
items of Johari Bazaar in Jaipur are sure to delight anyone.