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How do I change the name of a process (as viewed by 'ps') from Python?

Oct 11th, 2000 23:10

unknown unknown, Adam Feuer
Oleg Broytmann

Don't know much about Mac. Probably, there is no such thing as "process
name". :)
On Windows, it is possible, and I saw a code doing that. Probably, Mark
Hammond was the author, if I remember it right.
On UNIX it is impossible now. To do this, someone will need to wrap one
of "setproctitle" sources. The most known code is "setproctitle" from
sendmail, but it accompanied with not-so-free license. More liberal 
license is for similar code in PostgreSQL, so if anyone is interested to 
do some work and produce a working module - PostgreSQL is a good place 
to start.

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